Zengo Trade are passionate about protecting and growing the wealth of our clients, taking care of all of their investing requirements. We believe in ‘all terrain investment management’, which means targeting positive returns in any market environment. We also believe in a fee structure that truly aligns itself with clients’ best interests, incentivizing us to first maintain, then increase our clients’ wealth in real terms. Unfortunately, it appears to us that many managers within the investment management industry have sought to put their interests before those of its customers, by selling investment performance which compares favorably with certain stock market indices but not in absolute terms. This is little noticed when the ‘wind is at their backs,’ i.e. when stock markets are rising, but is less satisfactory during periods of decline. We will readily concede that benchmarking as a notion has intuitive appeal, but for most clients (in real life) cash or bank deposit rates or, indeed, inflation, are more relevant-to-real life benchmarks. The ‘relative return’ investing approach, favored by much of the industry, justifies losing money by comparing itself to a stock market index, such as the FTSE 100. This is not our approach. We are active, absolute return fund managers. This means that the portfolios we manage are not constrained by any requirement to represent any stock market and we will not buy a particular stock or other holding because it is a prominent constituent of a potentially falling index. Each investment is made on the basis of merit alone: we must genuinely believe that its value is likely to increase and be comfortable that the potential reward justifies any exposure to risk. Importantly, as well, an investment needs to fit with the rest of the portfolio, but whether it is part of the FTSE 100 is, for the most part, irrelevant. Benjamin Carl Baumann Investment Services collectively possess many years of experience in the investment business, combining expertise across a wide spectrum of asset classes, including hedge funds, private equity, commodities, as well as more traditional asset classes. Our investment philosophy is simply a diversified investment approach.

The management team has developed investment management programs for Hedge Funds and Family Offices worldwide that leverage big data, self-learning algorithms and market sentiment facts to deliver consistent growth.

The London based company also offers FX Prime Brokerage solutions to Brokers looking to launch, operate and grow a safer and more profitable brokerage business.