I will say I've loved the service I've gotten from Benjamin Carl Baumann Investment Services. Since I joined the community, eventhough I had just started with the minimum $5000 at the time, I felt like they treated me like I was one of their biggest customers.


I absolutely love Benjamin Carl Baumann Investment Services. When my Wife passed, they set up an investment account for my life insurance benefits, handled the rollover of an old Vanguard 401(k) account as well as my wife's 401(k) into an inherited IRA account. The team has been excellent, always available and even did a "courtesy sale" of some dead stocks I had in my original portfolio. I highly recommend Benjamin Carl Baumann Investment Services to anyone


I originally signed up to test the waters in November of 2018. After the first month, I decided to transfer my investments over. The feature I love the most is being able to make smaller deposits that immediately makes profits. This means that I don't have any idle cash sitting around after having transferred it, it's immediately put to use.


It is a supportive community with high values of each leader/director.That impressed me from the get go only a few months back. There is a great deal at stake, now more than ever, when it comes to our finances. Trust is essential and that has been earned in my mind with Adam especially. I have a lot to lose if my humble investments are not managed responsibly. I’m grateful to be asked about my goals and shown a path to follow as a team member. That one is outstandingand a rare find.


For me, the financial advice and planning sections were the biggest perk of Benjamin Carl Baumann Investment Services. Like most of us,I’m juggling a few goals including saving for retirement, and I’m glad Benjamin Carl Baumann Investment Services can help keep me on schedule